Indian Space Research Organisation / NewSpace India Limited transfer IMS-1 Satellite Bus Technology to Dhruva Space

In a continued effort to boost private sector involvement in India's space domain, NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) transfers the IMS-1 Satellite Bus Technology developed by ISRO to M/s Dhruva Space Pvt. Ltd. (Dhruva Space). Dhruva Space is one of the two private players to receive the transfer of IMS-1 technology through Interest Exploratory Note (IEN) published by NSIL. In an event organised at NSIL headquarters on 09 August 2023, NSIL handed over Technology Transfer Documents to Dhruva Space Private Limited.

The IMS-1 satellite bus, developed by the U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC)/ISRO, is a versatile and efficient small satellite platform designed to facilitate low-cost access to space. The bus serves as a dedicated vehicle for various payloads, enabling Earth imaging, ocean and atmospheric studies, microwave remote sensing, and space science missions while ensuring a quick turnaround time for satellite launches.

IMS-1, weighing about 100 kg can accommodate a 30 kg payload. Solar arrays generate 330 W power with a raw bus voltage of 30-42 V. It offers a 3-axis stabilization with four reaction wheels with a 1 N thruster that provides +/- 0.05 degree pointing accuracy. IMS-1 bus was utilised in previous ISRO missions like IMS-1, Youthsat and Microsat-2D.

By transferring the IMS-1 technology to the Indian private sector, NSIL/ISRO aims to bolster India's industrial growth in the space sector and foster technological self-reliance. This development opens up new avenues for private players to contribute to space research and exploration, in line with India's vision to expand its presence in the global space market.

Sourced from original Press Release from NSIL/ISRO.

About Dhruva Space Private Limited:

Dhruva Space, founded in 2012, is a Full-Stack Space Engineering Solutions provider based in Hyderabad, India, and in Graz, Austria. The company is active across Space, Launch, and Ground segments and supports civilian and defense clients worldwide.

Dhruva Space offers Satellite/s teamed with Earth Station/s and Launch Services as an integrated solution or individually as technology solutions to power space-based applications on Earth and beyond.

About NewSpace India Limited:

NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) is a Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) under the Department of Space, Government of India.

NSIL’s vision is to excel in providing space-related products and services emanating from the Indian Space Programme to global customers and to further spur the growth of Indian Industry in undertaking technologically challenging space-related activities.

The NSIL mission is to enable Indian Industries to scale up a high-technology manufacturing base for space programmes through technology transfer mechanisms and catering to the emerging global commercial small satellite launch service market, satellite services for various domestic and international application needs and enabling space technology spin-offs for the betterment of mankind through industry interface.

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