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Apprenticeships at Dhruva Space

If you are on the hunt for an impactful internship program to upscale your professional expertise, we have your back! Check out our apprenticeship programs and know how it feels to work on global Space solutions while earning and consistently enhancing your knowledge.

We offer an apprenticeship program for a period of six months or a year to anyone about to graduate or anyone who has already graduated in any qualifying field. We are often ready to recruit all potential candidates exhibiting optimum performance during their tenure as full-time employees at Dhruva Space. 

    Thesis Program at Dhruva Space

    Dhruva Space is associated with several academic institutions as a premium Space technology partner. We have Research and Development centers at the Indian Institute of Technology, and Birla Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and already work with many more prestigious R&D centres, to offer postgraduate research assistance to PHD graudates in the fields related to Space subject matters. With our assistance and guidance, we aim to pave a path that leads them to shape the innovations of tomorrow.

    The main aim of these programs is to get real-time access to learning some in-demand skills and sophisticated Space technology research, where you are confined to outperforming the technological advancements and expanding your knowledge on the same. 

    With the flexibility to pursue your thesis, you also get to amplify the potential growth in your career, which would make you a part of many Space projects with global recognition.