Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

- Carl Sagan

Our research partners

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Interplanetary Missions

Interplanetary Missions

Mission concepts for lunar and Mars communication networks powered by current technologies being built at Dhruva Space were presented at the Interplanetary Small Satellite Conference, 2020.

This was organised by students, alumni, and staff from Caltech, MIT, Cornell, University of Michigan, JPL, and California Polytechnic State University as well as NASA's Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute.

We aim to pave the way for interplanetary missions using small satellites from this side of the planet.

Human Spaceflight program

Human Spaceflight program

Dhruva Space aims to play a key role in Gaganyaan – India’s Human Space Flight Program.

We are working with several research organisations on a wide variety of critical technologies including space food, simulators, inflatable technology and on-orbit manufacturing.

Multiple technical proposals for development have been submitted to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and are currently under review.



Dhruva Space is working with research organisations and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the understanding of physiological processes by performing experiments in micro-gravity.

With the help of SpacePharma, Dhruva Space is enabling researchers to set up experiments using microfluidic technology to discover and understand the functioning of the human body, drug interaction and development.

This aids the development of stratified medicines thereby improving the standard and reach of healthcare across the globe.

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